Well, I actually have four questions. If that's not


Well, I actually have four questions. If that's not allowed, please let me know!

Here is my site: http://streamweavers.net/store/

1- When I click on STORE, all I see is a list:
Shopping Cart
Order Status

I would like to see products images immediately. In "Product List View" I selected GRID. What did I miss? I use the Classic store style.

2- My store is setup with Paypal Express Checkout, and I'm storing my files on Mediafire. Can I do that? That would save me some precious bandwidth.

3- I setup a digital download for a CD. Once it's done and I click ADD TO CART, this button resolve back to ADD TO CART. If I click it again, to add another copy, I get this message "Sorry, there is a per order limit of 1 for (CD name).

4- How come we can't see any VIEW CART button on the sidebar, or beside the products ADD TO CART button? People have to go to the top menu, slick on store, then shopping cart to be able to see what's in it. That's not very intuitive. What should I do to correct this?

Many thanks!