Batch Create configuration

I have a multisite installation with several sub-sites. I created a separate csv file for each sub-site. The files are exactly the same except for the users of course. Some sub-site users belong to more than one sub-site. What I expected was: 1, the sub-site users would be added to the sub-sites as subscribers; 2, the sub-site users would also be added to the main site as subscribers, and 3, the duplicates would be ignored. My users log in using their email address as username. Here is an example line from one of the files: "staa,null,,null,,subscriber".

The first file seems to have gone fine - it all worked. After that the trouble began. The files ran only partially - it only took the first 15 or so. I handled that by deleting the ones accepted from the file and running it again. And again. And again until they were all accepted. Sometimes a few sometimes a bunch. Except for the first file never were all accepted without the deletions. In all cases I cleared the queue before trying again. The log file returns a 404 error so no help there.

Only the first file was added to the main site, none of the subsequent ones added more than a few from what I can tell.

In many cases, the names were added to the database with no sub-site or main site reference at all.

Any ideas on what went wrong? Any ideas about how I might automatically connect users to the main site and the sub-sites? How can I fix this mess?

  • DavidM

    Hi chucktho,

    I'm not totally sure how this would work out, but noting the following from the installation page...

    You can only use lowercase letters and numbers in usernames. Dots, underscore , characters and spaces in usernames aren't allowed and can result in problems with usernames.

    I imagine you may have had some trouble with users getting added when their username had non-alphanumeric characters. Could you take a look and see if there was specific trouble with importing such users?

    Also, I'm going to mention this one to some of the team over here, but I believe you can simply re-add all the users across your lists to the main site in one whole file in order to get them added there. I'll run that by the team to verify it though.


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