What about mixing between facebook way and wordpress MS using Bodypress?

Hi everyone, little bit confused, but almost getting it. I wanted to build a Managed WordPress Hosting service through WordPress Multisite Network. How legitimate the idea or how good the idea to have bodypress (which looks like facebook) and at the same time provide professional sites through multisite Network?

Man, I know you have community, friends, messaging, and chatting plugins, but I’m just carious. I know that facebook gives you the ability to create pages for almost anything, why not having something similar, I believe with wordpress it will be more powerful, there is no way to compare facebook creation to wordpress beauty of freedom.

What do you think? Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

Just checking my option, if boddypress will limit the users in any how, or prevent them from being independent, or conflict with any other plugins that they wish to use, then I stick with communities plugin.

Please let me know.

Your restless friend Imad :slight_smile:

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @imad,

    Buddypress is pretty powerful for what it is, but it’s certainly not a facebook clone or have all the features.

    Many plugins will work with BP out the box, as do a lot of themes, usually a plugin will state whether it’s compatible with buddypress or not. I suppose it all depends on what you want to get out of it. BP now uses bbpress for it’s forum integration. I guess the big advantage of BP over communities is it’s x-profile & custom fields system & the groups/activity system. It also works on the front-end of the site whereas communities is a backend dashboard system not seen from the front. It’s possible to use both at the same time, I have not noticed any conflicts in using them both at the same time.

    We do have long term plans for communities plugin, But no ETA’s on anything at moment, it’s still in discussions though.

    Hope this helps

  • Imad
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thank you Sir for your prompt reply :slight_smile: I love the idea of communities. Sorry but what do you mean by ETA’s. In fact, I liked the idea of joining Classes at edublog! I would love to have something similar to edublog classes but with more wider choices for different fields. E.g. Instead of calling it classes, let the user decide what to call it. Oh! wait a sec, isn’t it a community plugin? :slight_smile: very similar concept, isn’t it?

    Well, you said, there will be no conflict, great, how bad it can be if I decide to reverse and deactivate the bodypress?

    So my aim to provide websites for multi businesses types and people to over 256 cultures yes :slight_smile: welcome to New York. so how for God sake you would satisfy all of them? you might be asking. it’s crazy I know, but I believe in you, in wordpress, and in the time. with this in mind, do you believe boddypress is suitable, or at least can it be used in a way that most users can take advantage of it regardless of their interest? Can I as a user switch off bodypress features from my site? if a user can control its features, that Would be awesome!

    I look forward for your response, thank you Vaughn.

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