What about shared revenue?

I want to configure< (if i have to) a plugin that shares a percentage of every dollar collected, via paypal, with my affiliates.

This is probable, correct?

  • fiddyp
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    lesters: did you get something for it?

    for me, I am using the affiliate plugin and (trying to) integrate it to the upgrades plugin. Whenever someone purchases credits it will reward the affiliate who referred the user every time they buy a package of credits.

    The user can use the credits to buy things on the site like a banner on someones blog (transferring credits to the blog owner) or pay for some custom coding (premium support) or adding a custom theme and there'll be more when I think of it.

    I like this idea because there are some awesome posts that could be written by users to entice them to become a member and i want the referrer to be paid for everything the user buys for the lifetime of the user.

    The only other way is to use something like jrox affiliate service but that requires the user to signup with another service and use the url from that. It works by including something in the return page set on a paypal purchase that checks for the cookie and takes action.

  • lesters
    • Flash Drive

    i wanted to share a percentage of purchases made as well. A percentage of every dollar made from every blog owner selling anything on one of my sub-blogs.

    I have'nt figured the solution, yet. but im close.

    Please send me any suggestions you might have.

  • James Farmer
    • CEO (of WPMU DEV, honest)

    It's tricky - ad sharing is easier (as it just shows your ads sometimes, admin ads the others) but sharing revenue from, say, supporter or ecommerce payments is another thing.

    However, the affiliate plugin does do that to ad egree already, and I'd definitely expect a 'cut' being able to be taken in ecommerce / membership via site admin when they are released or in V2 of them.

  • Patrick
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Has anyone integrated something like jrox or idevaffiliate with supporter? I want to pay recurring revenue to my supporters who refer sales and don't see that in muaffiliate. Is it in there?

    If not, which file are the paypal buttons in?


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