What am I doing wrong here?

I cant enable hummingbird gzip compression without receiving and error message in regards to apache ( I am using apache) and the deflate module is "enabled" says my host. so What is the exact issue? I have granted support permission to my website also my snapshot pro backupcloud is not working, although I have created snapshots already im somewhat confused.... I have got it to work with a few site and much harder with others not sure what I am doing wrong here.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Michael,

    Hope you're doing well :slight_smile:

    If your host confirms that "deflate" module is enabled on your site then there are two more things you can check.
    First one is to see if there's anything blocking the compression on your site, you can check that with performing basic troubleshooting by disabling your other plugins and switching to default WP theme.

    If that doesn't help there's possibility that your host is blocking these changes, some hosts have predefined values for compression on their server and don't allow to change this via .htaccess rules.
    This is quite probably the case here because as you can see HTML compression is already enabled.
    You can check with them about this and ask if they are indeed blocking these rules to be applied via .htaccess, if they are you can ask them to either allow this or enable JS and CSS compression on server directly.

    As for the snapshot issue, we tend to keep issues that are not closely related in separate threads so it's easier to keep up with everything.
    Please start a new thread for this issue and include some more info there.
    For example, you mentioned that the snapshots are not getting sent to WPMUDEV but I don't see any backup files inside Snapshot > Managed Backups section, did you remove those?

    Note that only Managed Backups can be stored on WPMUDEV servers, regular snapshots are by default saved on your server, or remote destination that you can add from Snapshot > Destinations panel.
    Are you looking to have regular snapshots that will be hosted on your selected location or you want to have managed backups in WPMUDEV server?
    Please add this info in your new thread for Snapshot.

    Best regards,

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