What Amazon Affiliate programs support more locales?

The Amazon Affiliate program is relevant for a site where I want to make the users aware of niche products.

So far I set up an aStore. However, the issue is that Amazon has a locale for several countries / regions, which means that I should also set up several aStores. This is a problem as I do not speak the language in some cases. I managed to set up an affiliate account in each locale though.

This lead me to using the following plugin:


(Please note that the plugin developer was sneaky enough to put his his own affiliate ID in the code so remember to alter the code if you install it)

It redirects users to the relevant Amazon locale, which seems like a good solution. However, I am wondering if there is a better solution? The users might not be redirected properly so I another solution might be needed. The good thing about the aStore is that the product list is updated automatically so I hope to hear about something similar if it exists.