What are all the types of backup I need?


I do realize this is an extremely noobish question, but after talking to the GoDaddy server support, they managed to get me more confused rather than being helpful, so I'm asking this here. Here're all the backups I usually make:
1)Server snapshot at my GoDaddy VPS dashboard.
2)FTP backup: right after entering my site through FTP, there's a folder named home, inside this folder, there's another one, named wheelofcommerce, and inside that, a bunch of other folders, among them there's public_html, which has wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes in it (among other folders and files). I usually download the whole wheelofcommerce folder, with everything in it, just in case.
3)Database backup: I go to phpMyAdmin and download the database.

Considering all of that, do I still need another type of backup to have absolutely everything backed up? Or with these backups I mentioned, am I already able to restore anything in my site, server, etc. in case something happens? I know backups can be made through Putty as well, but wouldn't that be the exact same thing I already do, considering the 3 methods I've mentioned?

Thanks. :slight_smile: