What are my alternatives for adding content

I don’t want to use the membership plugin…. long story!

I have managed to happily set up supporter. I know exactly how it is going to work and am happy with that. I would really like to include 3 or 4 videos and some content for members so they can learn how to blog to get their business noticed.

What are my options without membership plugin?

I was thinking about using the buddypress groups. Starting a hidden group and adding it in there but that means I have to keep inviting people over right? There is no way to give subscribers immediate access to any hidden groups is there?

Also. for people who subscribe but don’t pay. Is it possible to add a message for them on the dashboard? Is there a plugin for that? I thought it would be a great place to remind them about the benefits.

What I would really love is a homepage for logged in members. They seem to go straight to the dashboard. Is it possible to have separate home pages for supporters and registered people? Or just one home page for them both?


P.S. My ecommerce store payment is still not working