What are my WPMU membership parameters?

Hi guys. I am trying to launch a new directory website. Currently, I run tutuology.com. It is hosted through pSek and I use WPMU. I am a pro member.

For the new directory site, I'd like it to be completely separate from tutuology.com. Here's why: if anything catastrophic ever happens to tutuology.com, I do not want the directory site to be affected. So, my question is: do I need to purchase another wpmu membership or can I use my existing membership?

  • DavidM
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    Hiya tutuology!

    I don't believe you'd need another membership at all for that, you should be able to create another site through your cPanel, and I believe you've got access to Fantastico to make installation easier. You could always contact pSek with any questions to that effect, as they'd best be able to help find where to do that.

    Just to mention though, that's in regard to setting up a separate site under the main domain, like tutuology.com/directory. If you're looking to create a new domain name for that particular site, you can likewise contact pSek, who can help sort that.


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