What are 'Other small improvements'

For the latest update to this plugin, can you please explain what other small improvements have been done? I've done quite a bit of custom coding around the plugin, and want to make sure it doesn't break to pieces...


  • Jose

    Hi there @Matt,

    Hope you are doing great,

    Apologizes about the extreme delay here. This thread got missed in my queue somehow.

    I guess it is a bit late to answer your question. Just in case 'Other small improvements' are -acccording to the log in ur repo- some HTML adjustments and author names correction.

    You might be interested in the next version of the plugin that is just about to be released. It contains a good amount of fixes related to PayPal Recurring payments and IPN processing (the IPN url changed).

    I'm attaching a RC version here if you are interested in testing it out with your integrations.

    Hope this is useful for you. :slight_smile: