What are the best montizing methods...

There has to be more than just adsense to monetize a blog with yes?

I'm thinking along these lines, check me if I'm wrong in my thinking, and help me with a way to implement them....

1. Referral programs: Choose the programs such as adsense, adbrite, rocket profit and the like that offer profit sharing incentives for referring people to them under your id. In order to this you have to be able to post either in a page or you admin blog the java script code that go along with these so people can actually sign up.

2. Add sharing, the adsense deluxe 2 plugin lets you share the adds with your bloggers, you have to mix it with plugin commander to insist it to be used, the problem is that the farmers 100 theme pack is equipped with the wp-ozh special setup not for adsense deluxe2. Another problem is that no plugin exists to allow you to use other ad programs such as adbrite that also gives you referral incentives and will also integrate itself with other programs such as adsense and display the one that offers the highest pay rate. If there is please point me in it's direction.

3. Would something like Openld/openx allow me to profit share with other users? I would think that such a program would give me that ability to put ads from any of the above mentioned or other add sites and then display them through the templates and set up some type of their ads show a percentage, my ads show a percentage type set up? In doing so you have to make sure at the same time you aren't breaking any TOS's by displaying to many ads or ads of the same companies with different account #'s.

4. A payed tier where you don't profit share with them at all on their blog and give them the ability to place ads in the templates from their own affiliates, not just within the blog posting but also the header/footer or sidepanels of the theme they are using....wp-ozh seems set up to where you are just pushing ads on your users blogs as payment for letting them have a blog with no ability to share with them, and then you can possibly give them the option of not having ads displayed if they pay? Not quite what I'm looking for so if I go the adsense deluxe2 route I have to go into all 100 templates and replace the wp-ozh code with adsense deluxe2 code yes?

I don't know if any of this is coming out the way that I'm really wanting it to. I hope it is. If you can help direct me as to how to accomplish some of these things I would be more than greatfull for it. The key to income I think is diversity, getting income for referral to programs, getting income for ad display sharing, getting income from payed tiers for blog packages i.e. more space(not sure how much that is) more bandwidth(again not sure how much that is or how to track it) No ads of ours and the added ability to display different types in different places of their own.