What Are The Default WP Database Tables Copied To New Blogs?


I have a question for a WPMU guru:

When creating a new blog using a WPMUDEV “new blog template”, which default WordPress database tables should be copied over to the new blog?

In particular I was wondering about: wp_users, wp_usermeta, wp_sitemeta, wp_site, wp_signups, wp_registration_log, wp_domain_mapping (Donncha WordPress MU Domain Mapping), wp_domain_mapping_logins (Donncha WordPress MU Domain Mapping), wp_blog_versions, wp_blogs, wp_batch_create_queue (WPMUDEV Batch Create)

Are their certain tables that are shared by ALL blogs that do not need to be copied over with every new blog creation?

I would hate to create hundreds of redundant tables that are not being used by the new blogs.

Thanks a lot for your help with this!


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Sarah,

    None of those specific tables you mentioned are copied over. In WordPress there are tables for the entire network and then a sub-set dedicated for each blog (they look something like wp_#_options). The New Blog Template only copies the per-blog settings required - not the global network databases.


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