What are the right settings for me and my page when using Floating Social?

Dear WPMU Dev support - THANK YOU that you exist.

Now, I am just really not getting into the logic of the floating social plugin (not that I would have a clue) and I would truly appreciate if someone could help me set it so that it works on my blog posts only. I don't want it on my personal page or any other - just next to every blog post. Is that possible?

I am using the wordpress hemingway template - and have activated support acccess.

I truly appreciate your work and time, thank you!

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hello, Cat!
    I love your site! :slight_smile:

    I got Floating Social hooked up for you. It's set to only show on your blog posts now, not on your individual pages. You can turn it off on individual blog posts if you want, as well, you've got a box on your post edit screen that will turn it on and off, if you ever want it not to show on a post. I took a screenshot of these settings, it's attached below.

    I noticed the social box wasn't displaying fully, so I added a custom CSS plugin and dropped in the following to make the box display correctly for you:

    #wdsb-share-box {
      width: 90px !important;

    Two other things I noticed:
    1. You need pretty permalinks active for some of your plugins to work. To do this, go to Settings > Permalinks on your WP Admin dashboard and select the one called "Post Name" then hit save.
    2. You've got a lot of updates that need to be installed for your plugins and themes. Make sure to keep everything updated to the newest version. This is also super easy, just go to Dashboard > Updates, and select update all. You'll need to do this for WordPress itself, your plugins, and your themes.

    Thanks for the nice words, Cat! Good luck with your site. :slight_smile:

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