What can be added or how can one create a button highlight for Signup type buttons in Protected?


I notice the Signup buttons and other buttons do not have a mouse over effect showing that the button or area is clickable in Protected Content pages.

What can be added or how can one create a button highlight effect?


...a mouse over effect showing those buttons are indeed clickable?


Also, should that be something that PC already does automatically?



  • Michelle Shull

    HI Greg!

    Protected Content was designed to be mobile-friendly, and as you can guess, hover effects are pretty worthless on mobile.

    We can still work around this, you'll just need to use a little custom CSS.

    This is the selector set for that button:

    .wpmui-field-input.button, .wpmui-field-input.button-primary, .wpmui-field-button

    To create a hover effect, we'll do the following:

    .wpmui-field-input.button:hover, body .wpmui-field-input.button-primary:hover, body .wpmui-field-button:hover {
    Your CSS here

    To do a select effect, it will be like so:
    .wpmui-field-input.button:select, .wpmui-field-input.button-primary:select, .wpmui-field-button:select {
    Your CSS here

    We can whip up some CSS for you, but we'll need a link to your Protected Content registration page, and an idea of what you'd like the :hover and :select effects to look like.

    Thanks, Greg!

  • Greg

    @Michelle Shull

    Hmmm...well, I appreciate that info and in that regard I think it makes more sense now.

    I just got a few comments on it that some did not realize it some buttons were not clickable...reason for my asking...

    Is it possible to have Protected Content automatically respond to mobile devices and and deactivate on those but activate on Desktops or Tablets etc in the future as a enhancement.


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