What can I do better on my WP site about scuba diving?

Hi all

For years I've been creating websites for clients. Now I've finally gotten around to creating a site for my self.
However, it really hard do be your own worst critic :slight_smile:

Therefore - I'd love some feedback on my site http://www.dive.in
I have a lot of plans for things I'd like to do, but to avoid "poisoning your mind" I won't tell about them now, just ask if you guys have any feedback for me?

  • Tom Eagles

    Hi @loenne

    Firstly quite a nice site well done :slight_smile:

    First thing that hits me straight in the eye is your top navigation under guides there are two columns just doesn't look right to me personally either it looks like the heading isn't centred or there is a heading missing (this is purely cosmetic i know, but with the rest of the layout looking so clean it sticks out like a sore thumb to me, but as i said it's a purely subjective point of view)

    Next on my list would be some kind of sub navigation by categories on articles like safety, equipment etc etc. make it easier for the user to find what they want. this way you could even filter the articles on the front page.

    If your site is going to get big or even now i would use breadcrumbs for another form of navigation (also helps tremendously with SEO).

    Will have a dig through the rest later but this was just a fast first impression.

    But overall nice choice of colours, only thing that i would change again on a personal point of view is the red headings text and continue reading parts, maybe a different blue.

    Great job though.

    Hope this helps

    Cheers Tom

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hey Loenne,

    Welcome to the Community! Here is mine:

    - First impression, site looks clean, cool domain name.

    - The site could use a background, its kinda dull right now, maybe some bubbles or something that doesn't take away the attention.

    - The contrast between the post container (.post class) and the background isn't very much. Maybe adding the bg improves it, or maybe you can add a shadow or something. If that looks good, the sidebar boxes could also use some of that.

    - I love that everything is neatly arranged and well spaced :slight_smile:

    - The footer area looks huge, it can use some graphics, something about the ocean, maybe a diver?

    - The featured images on the posts aren't clickable, I think adding that would be a huge usability improvement.

    - I love the page navigation arrows, very handy they are. But those arrows seem to have a border, which you can see if you hover over the footer. Not sure if its just me.

    Okay, now I feel like I am the client. lol

  • Nicolai Loenne

    Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

    The images are now links. I know I fixed that a few days ago, this just highlight that I'm a fool for not using github and proper revisions on my own projects...

    I love that you like the design, we've spend way too much time on it - constantly trying to think about what we can take out, how can we make it more simple and how do we keep something that is still scuba-related.
    We decided on large images in high quality as the main element for making the site "scuba minded"
    We actually removed all "bobbles and small scuba divers" on purpose because that what everybody else does...

    Did we go to far, or is it just because you would expect that on a scuba website?

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