What can I do to speed up my site?

I'm trying to speed up my site http://yourlocalproject.com/, I have:
- w3 Total Cache enabled
- Have MaxCDN set up as my Content Delivery Network
- I have minify CSS enabled but still rate as poor (F)
See my attached image of my site run through http://gtmetrix.com. I don't know if I'm missing something but I think it should run faster.

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    I definitely think it's not as fast as it could be, based on your content.

    A few suggestions:

    1) Don't judge only from reports like the one you included in your post. Different services like that have different criteria, and will often give you different results on certain items. Use those services as a guide, but not the ultimate judge. We often strive for a certain load time, then we measure with tools like Pingdom to see if we're achieving that consistently around the world.

    Sure, tools like the ones you're using can help you fine-tune the things that need to make the site faster, but don't just focus on one thing because a particular test says you need to.

    2) Check your W3 Total Cache settings. Take advantage of as many of its modules as you can (within reason), for example APC acceleration and memcached if your host supports it.

    3) Fast web hosting is ultra-important. I don't know who you're with (it looks like you're somewhere in the Planet, but I don't know if you're hosting with them directly or through a hosting provider that uses them). But, even with CDN, you need the fastest possible web hosting. A CDN can only serve images when it receives the request. So if your server is lagging behind in loading the page and its image requests, you are still losing speed.

    4) Consider reducing the size of your images. At first glance, you site doesn't appear to be image-heavy. But when you take a second look, it really is. For example, your "Why Join" page has almost 800 KB of graphics. You have many paragraphs that each have a relatively large icon or graphic. It all looks great, but there might be ways to achieve the same quality layout with images that are moderately or significantly smaller.

    Hope this helps.

    Mark Bailey

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    My pleasure.

    Actually, I can't give an unbiased response since we offer fine-tuned WordPress hosting.

    However, I can say in general that there are benefits from using a company that knows, lives, breathes, eats, and fine-tunes their servers for WordPress.

    Here's an example of a site running with WordPress-tuned hosting:



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