What cloudflare dns entries are required

I need help understanding what dns entries I need to put into cloudflare on my wpmu install utilizing parked domains and sub-domains on those parked domains domain mapped to my main site theactionsociety.com - I have 35 domains with 2 sub-domains on each one -

My layout is:

http://theactionsociety.com -- my main site

Parked Domains example:

sub-domains - parked domains example:
http://actioninatlanta.coom -> mapped to atlantabusiness.theactionsociety.com
http://classifieds.actioninatlanta.com -> mapped to atlantaclassifieds.theactionsociety.com
http://realestate.actioninatlanta.com -> mapped to atlantarealestate.theactionsociety.com

I am getting very little help from cloudflares support -- it is like pulling teeth --

there cloudflare plugin -- pulled in and created cname records for each of the main sites subdomains - ex. atlantabusiness.theactionsociety.com atlantaclassifieds.theactionsociety.com and atlantarealestate.theactionsociety.com and they are aliased to the main site http://theactionsociety.com.

After cloudflare -- the main site works fine -

the main parked domains resolve but do not display the images (mapping issue I believe)
the sub-domains of the parked domain do not resolve --

Any help would be greatly appreciated -- it has been a 4 day battle so far