What CSS can be used for all links related to the Protected Content to force a right sidebar?


What CSS can be used for all links related to the Protected Content to force a right sidebar?

I am not really talking about all the membership pages that can be controlled via WP>All Pages. I am talking about all other links associated with the Protected Content plugin (for one example: on the registration page there are buttons for "Signup"...currently that page is full width). How can I get not only that page but all other similar type pages that are associated with Protected Content to all display simply with a right sidebar (instead of full width)?


Thank folks...


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Greg!

    That's a little more than CSS can do, but there may still be an easy solution.

    Open up a new page on your site. Look in the right sidebar for a box that let's you choose the page you're creating's parent file. If there's a drop-down, you can likely choose between using a full-width template, or a template with a sidebar. If you've got other custom templates (many themes come loaded with 'em), such as for a portfolio or archive page, they'll be listed here as well.

    If you don't see such a box, go to screen options at the very top right of your WP window, and click it. Make sure you haven't hidden the template chooser.

    If you still don't see such a box, it's going to get a little more complicated, because you're going to need to add a sidebar to the page template being used by your Protected Content pages. This, depending on how complicated your theme is, can either be a five minute or incredibly frustrating project. If your theme is coded well, you could simple copy the php code from a page template with a sidebar to whichever template Protected Content is using.

    Let me know if this works for you!

  • Greg

    @Michelle Shull

    Right. But are you talking about just the membership pages? If so, then that is covered with what you are describing.

    But does it also cover part of Protected Content that does not necessarily have their own page. For example, after going to /register (it has a sidebar by itself and all good to go) and one then clicks on "Signup", the browser url is still /register but the registration bar is full length. There are other such instances.

    Does that help clarify or am I not understanding you right?



  • Michelle Shull

    Hello again, Greg!

    Do you have a link to your site so I can run through sign up to see the second, wonky registration page?

    You're right, that's probably being generated by P.C., but I'm hoping seeing it directly will reveal what we need to hit with our fixin' hammer to make it work. There's a template file somewhere that this page is using, we just need to figure out if it's in your theme or in Protected Content, and from there, we may just need to edit that template file.

    Thanks, Greg!

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