What did edublogs use to create such a beautiful site


I should never have had a look at http://edublogs.org/

They have a beautiful looking site. Well done.

But looking at it gave me a benchmark to aspire for.

This benchmark frustrated the *whatever* out of me as I could not get close. I really mean not-close to what they have done. I tried to make “edu clean” look like it, then I tried “edublogs Homepage”, then “Blogs Mu”.

For the experts out their; I am not familiar with all the data fields in the theme’s option control panel. I used trail and error. Sometimes I see nothing when I should but I am logged out and will not see my changes. As time run on the fun disappears…………………

I am getting to a point where I realise I have no time to try and get it done as time is an issue and other people may do it in a 10th of the time.

If you can help me with some of your magic then I will give it one more shot. If that fails then I will have to go to the jobs section and ask someone to help me set the home page up.

Thanks in advance