What do I need to do to complete my connection for Ultimate Facebook to Facebook?

I have been using a plug-in called 'Recent Facebook Posts'. It required connecting to Facebook in the same way as the Ultimate Facebook plugin requires. When I attempt to activate with my app code and app secret, I receive the error 'Please, enter correct Facebook API settings'. Ummm. Those ARE the correct settings. They work with another plug-in with no problem.

What do I need to do to get this to work?

What I have done:
1. I purchased and installed your plug-in on Saturday, so I suspect it is the latest version.
2. I am on Wordpress 3.6.
3. I deactivated the 'Recent Facebook Posts' app, then reactivated Ultimate Facebook, but received the same results.

I have deactivated the Ultimate Facebook plug-in because, in its current state, it is adding the following lines to the end of all of my new posts (visible when published, but not visible in the text editor for the post):

Extra data

wdfb_og_images: a:1:{i:o,s"o""";}
wdfb_og_custom_name: a:1:{i:o,s"o""";}
wdfb_og_custom_value: a:1:{i:o,s"o""";}

I'd like to know how to remove this without having to re-enter my posts, if possible. Also, I'm assuming/hoping it won't do this after the connection is made.


  • PC

    Hello Jeff,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    I don't see any reason of the plugin adding that data to the bottom of your post.

    Perhaps something else is going on there.

    I would like to have a closer look. Can you please send me your login details via our secure contact form

    1: Mark the email to my attention

    Attn: PC

    2: Include a link of this thread in the email

    3: Include FTP and WordPress super admin details.

    4: While filling the form, select "I have a different question" from the list.

    Looking forward for a response on this.


  • PC

    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for standing by.

    1: Facebook issue :

    The app is in sandbox mode and that might be the reason its not working. I created a test application using my facebook account and it works like a charm. It shows up connected and I have left it for you to review. So you need to push your Facebook app in live mode.

    2: The extra data : It was being caused by your theme. There is an option to hide extra data in your theme settings. Unchecked that and its fixed.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

    Sales &Support

  • Jeff

    Hello PC,

    Now the big question - how to turn off Sandbox mode.

    I went to Developer->Settings->Advanced, and looked in the Authentication where the Facebook documentation says it should be....but it isn't. Given my past experience with Facebook, its fair to say that they've probably moved it and not updated the documentation. Since this worked on your account, how were you able to disable the Sandbox? Do I have to change another setting in Facebook to get this to appear?


  • PC

    Well, take away one point for not looking in Basic Settings, Basic Information section where the toggle for the Sandbox is, and take away a second point for reading and following the Facebook documentation that says its was in the location I listed above (bottom line: they moved it).

    Lol, docs always keep changing :slight_smile: ha ha..

    No worries, glad you found it. I should have mentioned it in the first place. My bad !

    I am sure the testing will go fine and if it doesn't ya know that I am around !

    Sales &Support

  • Jeff

    Where here's what I've found in testing:

    1. After taking the Facebook App out of the sandbox and placing my App ID and App Secret in place, it connected. YES!!!!
    2. I setup the event widget. That's the one that the client is very excited about having. They only had past events, so I set the date to a date in the past, and left the setting to show only five events. What I got was the most recent past event (only one). That's something of a victory, but not quite enough.
    3. I then created an event for the future in Facebook as Facebook group page administrator, and the widget continued to only show the most recent past event. When I clicked 'Show Future Only', I ended up with an empty box.

    So.... How do I get more than one past event to show in the widget, and
    How do I get a future event to show (if it's an updating delay with Facebook in the latter case, that would certainly make sense).

    I created a test page with the short code for the events, and received the same results. At least there is consistency :slight_smile:

    I'm pretty sure I have the settings correct - my personal user ID is showing, and I'm putting in the group ID for where we want to draw the events in the widget. In the shortcode, I just use the group ID. I had accepted both events (that I would be attending) in my personal list, in case it is drawing from there. Even after doing that with the future event, it still doesn't show.


  • Jeff

    An update - so I slept on it. I woke up about seven hours later and did a refresh on the page.

    On point 2: it now hows two events - the most recent AND the new one.
    On point 3: When I changed it to a future event, it shows the new one only. That's good!

    So it would seem that there is some latency between when you post in Facebook and when it appears. For my application, that is not a showstopper.

    There is one other latency question (at least I hope its a latency issue) I have. I noticed the event time was off by four hours. Sure enough, I hadn't set the time zone for the site in the general settings. I adjusted the time in the general settings, and went back and refreshed the page. The event still showed the incorrect time. I'll keep checking this, although this is something I'd like to be sure is resolved since folks will be referring to the website as well as the Facebook page for times to attend events.

    I'm not sure why situation #2 isn't working (that is, showing all past events as ell as current events since a certain date) and would like to see that work.

    As a future feature, I'd love to see the widget display text like the shortcode does if there are no events.

    Looking forward to rolling this and the other features out!


  • Jeff

    Hello PC,

    The event and the Wordpress site are both set to Eastern Time. It was not originally that way when I first loaded the event. I did change it to match. The website is hosted on a shared server located in California, which would match the four hour time difference. Since its a shared server, I'm unable to change the server time, short of moving the site to a dedicated server (which is $$$$). Must the settings on all three be in the same time zone?

    I cleared my browser cache this morning and did a refresh, and it is still showing the time with a four hour variance. I suppose what would be handy would be if the widget settings could set the time zone to be able to override the server clock since I suspect there are many people who, like me, operate their sites in a hosted server environment.

    Any ideas as to what can be done about it only grabbing the most recent past event when I've put a bit more distant date in the past which includes other past events? If you find 'Sweet Georgia Sound' in Facebook and look at 'Events', you'll see that we have several since 7/1/2013, the date I set for the start. It does bring up the most recent past event and the future event, but nothing more, and not the five I set to show in the widget.

    As to the latency - should 24 hours be enough to refresh an event? If so, that's what I can tell the folks who'll be using their site.


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