What do I need to do to complete my connection for Ultimate Facebook to Facebook?

I have been using a plug-in called ‘Recent Facebook Posts’. It required connecting to Facebook in the same way as the Ultimate Facebook plugin requires. When I attempt to activate with my app code and app secret, I receive the error ‘Please, enter correct Facebook API settings’. Ummm. Those ARE the correct settings. They work with another plug-in with no problem.

What do I need to do to get this to work?

What I have done:

1. I purchased and installed your plug-in on Saturday, so I suspect it is the latest version.

2. I am on WordPress 3.6.

3. I deactivated the ‘Recent Facebook Posts’ app, then reactivated Ultimate Facebook, but received the same results.

I have deactivated the Ultimate Facebook plug-in because, in its current state, it is adding the following lines to the end of all of my new posts (visible when published, but not visible in the text editor for the post):

Extra data




wdfb_og_images: a:1:{i:o,s”o”””;}

wdfb_og_custom_name: a:1:{i:o,s”o”””;}

wdfb_og_custom_value: a:1:{i:o,s”o”””;}

I’d like to know how to remove this without having to re-enter my posts, if possible. Also, I’m assuming/hoping it won’t do this after the connection is made.