What do i need to set up an Etsy style store?

Hello WPMU!

I have a project in mind that i want to try to create it using wordpress multisite. I am sure it will require custom coding but i wanted to ask you guys if you could suggest me some plugins that i can use. Below i will explain the main functionalities that I would like the site to have:

1) Main Functionalities
I would like visitors to be able to register a seller account and create their own storefront at mysite/mystorefront. The storefronts need to match the style of the main site. The users would be able to create one About me page, upload a logo, send blog posts for moderation, upload products and handle sales. They should not be able to view other sites, pages, posts from the backend that do not belong to them.

Plugins i am currently investigating for this task: Marketpress, Ultimate Facebook - for registration, Ultimate Branding for changes in the backend, Blog Templates and Enfinity Theme

2) Receiving Commission ( will most likely need custom coding)

In my country most payments are done with Cash On Delivery. I need a plugin that enables sellers to submit credit in their account which is to be used to keep the account live. Each sale made through the site will deduct commission fees from this credit and when it becomes negative the account will be suspended until credit is submitted again - similar to how google adwords and other ppc platforms work.

3) Reward Points and Charity
A plugin that can reward buyers with points that can be used to purchase discounts from the store. Ideally it would enable users to purchase percentage discounts only ( less than the commission fees) or decide to give them to charitable causes listed on the site.

Plugins i am investigating: myCred, Fundraising

4) Reviews
A plugin that enables buyers leave feedback and a star rating to the sellers.

This is basically what I am trying to create. I have read threads about this plugin - http://webnware.themetailors.com/tt/portfolio/tt-marketpress-frontend/ , but wanted to ask for feedback and suggestions here first. I would deeply appreciate it.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Petar! Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I think we can cover most of your bases here.

    We can build an Etsy-style Network with MarketPress - here's a detailed video we put together on how to set it up: http://youtu.be/1QMaf5FDrWg

    To handle your additional requirements, we'll need a few other plugins.

    Receiving Commission ( will most likely need custom coding)

    Our Affiliates plugin integrates with MarketPress, which would allow you to set up a simple affiliate rate. More complex commission systems may be out of scope, but take a look at it and see if it might work: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wordpress-mu-affiliate/

    Reward Points and Charity

    MyCred is probably your best bet for points. MarketPress already works with it, and it's super easy to manage. It also doesn't hog too many resources, even if you're managing a large group of users. I love it, and highly recommend it.

    Fundraising will be a great choice for your charity plans. Keep in mind, if you're restricting your sub-site (store) owners to use only the front end, they may not be able to create new fundraisers without some additional custom work.


    Check out our Post Voting - it comes with a bunch of options, and it works with custom post types. https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/post-voting-plugin/

    As for MarketPress frontend, I've not used it personally, but I've worked with a few members who use it. I know it's fairly complicated to set up, and I'm assuming that the devs don't do a lot of support, since we get a lot of questions about it.

    Hope this helps! Have fun with your project!

  • be

    Be mindful FBook is removing the sign in ability so that function will no longer be available in the near future, ie sign in with FBook.
    To restrict store owner number of pages /products _ we use Prosites..
    Commission done manually is extremely time consuming and difficult - All our testing with Affiliates failed in numerous areas and was too cumbersome to pursue for this purpose.. (it was being revamped but as yet nothing to make us test again)

  • Tyler Postle

    Thanks for your additional info and feedback here Be :slight_smile:

    If you need any assistance with your Affiliates issues, please do create a ticket for them: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/#question

    Always happy to help! We actually discussed Affiliates in a recent staff meeting, some exciting features are being worked on for it, including tiered commissions.

    @Peter, let us know if you need any further help :slight_smile:

    All the best,

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