what do I use for forums or groups for my other domains?

I have not installed WPmultisite, nor bbPress on my own. I bought a installed solution through http://wp.mu/about/ ...

Just now I figured out that you can add groups and created forums only at the admin main site.
What I am trying to do is add forums only to my other blogs. For example I have another domain that points to site within the main admin site. I would like to have forums por each subdomain or site that I create. I do not want all groups/forums come to my main site.

The multisite installation is on http://www.pulsohispano.com but I have other domains such as netsolver.org, exanderson.com. I would like an independent forum for each of these domains. How do I do this?

Also, does ultimate facebook allow users to joing budypress groups?

Also, is bbpress integrated to the buddypress themes? and is the forums plug in a different forum software?


  • Philip John
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    BuddyPress doesn't allow for more than one site on the network to have it's features. By default, BuddyPress features are available on the main site only unless you specify otherwise but you can still only have one instance of BuddyPress in a multisite network.

    The new version of bbPress, v2.0, allows you to have forums on each sub-site in your network. You just need to activate the plugin on each of the sub-sites. As v2 is only recent your WP.MU install may not have it but you can easily install from Plugins > Add New.

    Ultimate Facebook only deals with user registration and not group membership.

    bbPress doesn't integrate into themes, it integrates with BuddyPress. You can also install the separate bbPress plugin.


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