What does get translated with Languages for WordPress?


1) I still haven't figured out, what exactly is getting translated with Languages for WP? eg Menus, plugins and ....?
2) With this plugin do I have a switch language option (like with little flag icons) on my site? please demonstrate with pictures if possible
4) Do I get Romanian and Turkish languages with the plugin?
3) If i combine with the "Select A language at sign -up" option, will my visitors sign up to my site, select their default language and then see posts, comments ect translated ?

Thank you in advance and kind regards,

  • Patrick

    Hi @Natasa82

    Welcome to the forums!

    This plugin simply enables you to set a default language for new sites in your network. Users who create new sites can also change the language if they wish (and if you have enabled that in the plugin settings). So all default WordPress labels and text strings will display in the chosen language.

    There are about 75 languages included and I believe Romanian and Turkish are in there, but you'd have to test it to be sure... I don't understand either of them, sorry :slight_smile:

    The plugin does not automatically translate your content though. For that, we highly recommend WPML: http://wpml.org/

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • Imperative Ideas

    A translation-ready them contains a library file of words used throughout the theme interface. Things like "Home", "Submit", the names of custom post types, description fields, etc will all be added to the translation library so that they appear in the visitor's native language. If you've ever changed your Facebook's language to something like Croatian or Chinese, then you've experienced exactly what it does.

    Never done that? Try something like "pirate" so that you aren't completely lost.

    Translation doesn't touch post content, comments, or anything else user generated. It does, however, allow the entire UX to be presented in a foreign tongue.

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