What Does "Post As Me" mean for Ult Facebook in a BuddyPress Network?

Team WPMU,

I'm looking to sync the Activity Stream in by network with Facebook, so the activities and actions posted in my network show in FB.

In the "Autopost to Facebook" section, it offers me options to post to the wall of a particular FB Page I own, or to post to the wall of "me".

If I select "Me" does that mean:

1. Every Activity update in the network will post to my personal feed,
2. Each individual user's updates will post to their personal feeds (the "me" is subjective to whoever is entering a post), or
3. That only my own personal posts will post to my own personal FB feed and no one else gets gets anything?

In addition, I take it that if I select a Page (ThirdScribe's page, for example), every post made in the network will post to that page's feed. Is that correct?