what email system used in the plugin

i need to know in subscribe by email plugin what type of email system used. should i have to use third paty email service like gmail or all handle by the plugin ? and can the plugin handle unlimited users. what will happen when the user volume is high and sending new posts to them in regular basis. what is the limitation on the plugin regarding that ?

  • Michael Bissett

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    Subscribe by Email sends emails using the wp_mail() function inside of WordPress, so you wouldn't have to use SMTP for that reason alone.

    However, as you're concerned about sending out a large volume of emails, I'd recommend looking into something like either e-Newsletter or our MailChimp Integration plugin, as e-Newsletter allows sending via SMTP, and the MailChimp Integration plugin would be using MailChimp's servers to send emails (thus avoiding the problem of the extra load on your server).

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  • Ash

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    Subscriber By Email:
    1. This plugin can't handle huge amount of users.
    2. This plugin sends notification when a post is created only to subscribers (not the users of your site that has a role like subscriber or anything), users must need to subscribe via the subscription form.

    1. This plugin can handle large number (but not huge) of subscribers than SEB
    2. This plugin is not able to send auto notification, you have to create newsletter manually.

    Mailchimp Integration:
    1. It is a plugin that provides a widget by which an user can register in your mailchimp mail service.
    2. This plugin doesn't handle any email notification
    3. You have to send email via mailchimp mail service.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.