What forum plugin works best with Multi Site? simple press or bbpress?

What forum plugin works best with Multi Site? simple press or bbpress? I read a few post stating that simple press does not work well with multi db. I dont currently have this installed, but as my site grows, I want to keep my options open. Anyone running simple press on a Ms?

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    I haven’t actually tried Simple Press on a Multisite myself so wouldn’t know how that could work. I’ve tried bbPress superficially, just running through a basic test, on a multisite and it appeared to work fine.

    I’ll check with a couple other guys over here to see if they’ve tried anything more in-depth with those.



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    Ive ran both… not for long periods but in testing…. Both work fine with multisite, however if you throw in multidb, simplepress currently will not run…. if that will stay that way I dont know since other plugins are having issues with multidb as well, but as of right now if you want multidb, go with bbpress.

    as for pros and cons with each…

    Simplepress: has a more traditional feel and you get more bang for the buck out of the box… it has a lot of power soon as its installed, however its harder to get configured at first too….if you like the traditional forums then simplepress is probably the one you want…. the bad point to this is that its big… some people report because of its size its slower, ive not noticed it being noticeably slower though so I think the power of it makes up for the size…. it also dosent auto update, so youll be gettin into FTP every time a new version comes out, but in all honesty if you cant FTP you shouldnt be running this anyway…. In the future they will be going down a bbpressish road in that a lot of the features it has wont be bundled in 1 box but they will have addons to the core which should make performance faster… and allow more potential later in more features since they wont be worrying about size as much.

    bbpress…. and Im speaking about bbpress addon… If you like wordpress forums or the bbpress forums then thats the forum plugin youd want. The huge thing this has going for it is its got a huge community of developers so youll see tons of addons coming out for it over time… the bad point is its very new so where you get the power of simplepress right now, you may have to wait awhile for the addons to come out for bbpress… but having the developers youll get the addons eventually.

    Personally I prefer simplepress at the moment but ask me tommorow and I may prefer bbpress, its that close in my mind…

    I guess all in all decide if you want multidb soon… if not then go for the look you like I believe they both will have tons of features and are here to stay so ya, hope this helps :slight_smile:

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