What gets RETIRED next - WPMUDEV Plugins / Themes

Hi all I guess we are not alone with our problem.

The topic is actually meant for all WPNUDEV Plugins and Themes.

Today we searched for plugins and realized that lots of them got retired and are now no more supported. As those were plugins which brought us actually to a year membership which is now much less worth as we need to look elsewhere or support for those features we would like to know what plugins will be next getting retired in the next 2 years. At least which are in danger to get retired. According to what you said as an argument for the current retirement phase, it is how often they get used. So could you please list a list so we can see what plugins get no more or not so often used - as those would be those in danger to get retired next and as we need to set up a long-term system which will work and be supported at least for the next 2 years it would be very important for us to know more about that retirement plans of WPMUDEV.