What gets RETIRED next - WPMUDEV Plugins / Themes

Hi all I guess we are not alone with our problem.

The topic is actually meant for all WPNUDEV Plugins and Themes.

Today we searched for plugins and realized that lots of them got retired and are now no more supported. As those were plugins which brought us actually to a year membership which is now much less worth as we need to look elsewhere or support for those features we would like to know what plugins will be next getting retired in the next 2 years. At least which are in danger to get retired. According to what you said as an argument for the current retirement phase, it is how often they get used. So could you please list a list so we can see what plugins get no more or not so often used - as those would be those in danger to get retired next and as we need to set up a long-term system which will work and be supported at least for the next 2 years it would be very important for us to know more about that retirement plans of WPMUDEV.




    Hey there Andi,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us!

    I'm sorry for any frustration that these retirements may have caused.

    A 2 year forecast seems way too far to me, despite that though, there aren't any plans for further retirements, at least known to support staff members like myself and considering the near future.

    I also don't have any knowledge of active installations (or anything similar) of our plugins and themes, so I can't foresee anything. I'm positive though, that popular plugins coming from older times (like MarketPress, Membership 2 PRO, Events, Appointments, Pro Sites, Domain Mapping etc) will keep getting some WPMUDEV love in future!

    Warm regards,


    Hi Dmitris

    To make investors interested in something 2 years is actually much too short! Should be more.
    As it was written in the other post about the retirement that the request was not big on those plugins there seems to be some kind of statistics available as otherwise how would they know that they don't get requested.

    For us it means to rethink how to build up our sites and finally also if we keep a membership, extend it or recommend it. It all depends on those who actually support our projects and ideas. So if we can keep them and can keep their margin and vision too it would be fine, but if more costs will be involved in future it will be getting really difficult to argue.

    The main idea behind our multisite as actually to keep it maintained by ONE team (WPMUDEV and us) instead of having everything spread all over. This isn't working anymore.

    Let's see what alternatives come up. Until now we only got alternatives which would cost actually a lot of extra money (Themeforest) if we don't follow the GNU GPL v.2 rules and fork and republish them to get a greater community.

    Like with all those affiliate Links in lots of posts of reviews you will find on the web especially Wordpress is spoiled with much too many organizations like Themeforest who try to limit GNU GPL v.2 to make lots of money for them while the others get only a very little fortune. They even limited now the support and introduced 6-month support only which then needs to be extended etc. In short, things are getting VERY expensive if using Wordpress and WPMUDEV was actually until now a great alternative with one fixed price for a year and then you get it all and as much support as you need and want.

    The WPMUDEV SUPPORT and PLUGIN FREE model is, in my opinion, the ONLY ONE which conforms the GNU GPL v.2 idea of Free Open Software. I wished there would be many more companies following that great idea!

    Thanks for your information