What happen when a member subscription expires?

What happens when a member subscription expires; do they get set as inactive? Or are they just moved down to stranger level? I would like them to shifted to inactive so they cannot login. Is this possible?

I am using a buddyboss; buddypress theme and I just have one level - ie. Subscriber ... if they are subscribed

  • Patrick

    Hi @cj_deguara

    Welcome to the forums!

    Membership cannot deactivate a user.

    So it would depend on how you have set the "Stranger Settings" under the "General Options" tab, as well as the access rules you have set for the "Stranger" level.

    If you set access rules to restrict the Stranger level to only a few pages (like TOS, About, etc), then once their subscription expires, they will only have access to that content even when logged-in.

    Alternatively, you can simply set the "Stranger Settings" under the "General Options" tab to "None - No access to content". That way, when their subscription expires and they do login, they will be redirected to your protected content page by default.

  • cj_deguara

    Toda Raba; ????

    I appreciate the answer; unfortunately the functionality however is slightly flawed.
    An expired subscriber & a stranger should not be treated the same way.
    If I may suggest an upgrade for future it would be that it would be beneficial to allow the admin to set a separate "Expired Subscriber" role.

    You may for example want to allow the Expired User access to his own content to be able to motivate him to return to the community or as is my case want to allow all content to be visible but as a Buddypress/Social Platform which the plugin claims it caters to; you may want to allow him to see but not be able to interact/post.

    You did consider the functionality when you allowed the restriction for private messaging as an example.

    For the time being I will find a work around of some sort; however it would be highly beneficial if this could be changed for Buddy Press.

    However it is not all bad; I am using 4 of your plugins on a new site; they all suit my needs perfectly including the membership plugin, which is excellent for controlling contributors since they will be demoted to strangers. On that front I would like to thank you for some really excellent work.

    Great Stuff.

  • Patrick

    Hi again @cj_deguara

    Allowing users whose subscriptions have expired access to the BuddyPress content they have created, but restricting them from editing or creating additional content would be an interesting feature to include in Membership.

    As such, I'll move this topic to the Features & Feedback forum to give it more exposure in the community. The more support a feature request gets, the more likely we are to consider developing it :slight_smile:

    +1s anyone?

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