What happened to Domain Mapping?

Everything has been fine with Domain Mapping until this morning. Now all my Multisites are just spinning and not loading. To verify that Domain Mapping is the culprit I renamed my Plugin folder and the problem stopped -- but naturally it just gave me my base URL 505575.com. So, I named it back and got the spinning theme load problem again. So my next step was to rename EVERY Plugin in the Plugin directory except for Domain Mapping and the problem continues... see http://www.abq1.com/ http://soundslikedrea.com/ etc...

If it's not domain mapping... and the problem is not really the plugin... but the problem goes away because domain mapping is not pointed at the target URL anymore... I'm having trouble imagining what else could be zapping these sites... curiously enough... several other sites in the multisite ARE displaying correctly. i.e. http://thinkpainaway.com/ http://www.holistichealthseekers.org/ so as I think this through more... it can't be Domain Mapping because those last sites are using the same process... Any IDEAS would be greatly appreciated! I've turned on support so you can take a peek.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey Robert,

    I hope you're well today!

    A side note: instead of renaming all the plugins one-by-one I usually rename the /plugins/ folder, then create a new /plugins/ folder and copy only those plugins that I wish to remain enabled. This way there's no possibility to forget what is what :slight_smile: Now, to bring back the WPMU Dev look inside those renamed plugin's directories and look for the one containing:

    /includes/ folder
    changelog.txt file
    update-notifications.php file

    Rename parent folder to "wpmudev-updates" and you should have WPMU DEV support back. After that you should be able to enable support access again.

    Let me know please when you're done.


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