What happened to WPMU DEV Affiliate ???

In the past there has been the possibility to earn money with recruiting new members to WPMU DEV. Even now there is a page explaining how to do it! https://premium.wpmudev.org/affiliates/ - but in my settings the options to take part at this affiliate program are missing.
What happened?

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello there @MegaWork, hope you're well today!

    We had to retire our affiliates program.
    A few users were taking advantage of the system and were actually placing misleading ads in other sites linking to our products.
    The problem is that these people were writing articles and posting false ads, promising the world and the moon to anyone that would subscribe with their link (I've seen someone for example advertising our products saying they worked on his wordpress.com blog!!).
    As a result of that, a lof of users were complaining that our products were not doing what they were promised. After a couple of months of trying to reason with the people responsible for this, we had to retire our affiliates program completely.

    We're exploring ways to make this work better, as soon as we build something that can't be exploited the same way, we'll introduce it again.


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