What I need to do is more of a general question and not

What I need to do is more of a general question and not a problem per say.

I want to be able to add my own custom videos into the mix for the Integrated Video Tutorials plugin.

The reason is simple... several of the sites I currently run and a few I have planned, have some specific plugins and/or features that are not covered in these videos.

Examples are your custom plugins such as events, appointments, e-commerce, etc. Third party examples would be a custom post type I created for the site, or other third party plugins.

The point is, these videos only cover the basics of WordPress and while that's great, it inevitably will leave holes in the training provided for many many wordpress sites.

My solution is quite simple and one that WP 101 already employs. That is to allow us users to insert our own videos with embed codes. With this function, we can simply create our own videos for these custom features as that wouldn't make sense for you to provide, then insert a code from Vimeo or such and viola... custom training videos.

I feel that this is a pretty high priority item for me. Please let me know if and when it can be done.

I know I mentioned WP 101, which I would simply switch to for this function, but they are not multi-site so each sib-site will have to enter the API code, plus admins would be able to see the nature of where these videos come from which is not something I want.

Thanks and please let me know.