what is best to do now? site broken polylang works not anymore

I have an issue with Polylang. So far I can I have asked support via W
P forum because I thought that it was something with theme Customizr and Polylang plugin.
First the one about the Customizr theme:
Later support from the Polylang plugin:

Because both of them has solved part of my issues I am thinking about bringing back the last backup if this is the best solution.
I donot know exactly which plugin has generate the issue. But also the Tweenty fifteen theme + only the polylang plugin does not solve it for me.

Is there anything else I can do? Or is it really necessary to bring the back up back?

I am open to grant access to my site if necessary..


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Helena!

    I read through that thread, and if things aren't working with only a default theme and the Polylang plugin, with the other issues you've described I think you may have corrupted your database. If you've got a working backup, I think restoring it is going to save you a lot of time and trouble here.

    Were you able to save the settings in Polylang at any time, or has that never worked for you? If it stopped working suddenly, can you remember any new plugins or changes on your site that happened around the same time? We want to avoid getting back to where you are now after we restore, so if you can think of any clues that might point us to what went wrong the first time, we can avoid it now.

    If Polylang never saved, our best option here is to test it on a different wordpress install. Do you happen to have a test site, or another WordPress site you can try it on?

    Thanks, Helena! Hopefully we can get this all figured out.

  • mpress

    Thanks @Michele,

    Yes, I do have a kind of test environment,
    I have indeed installed a fresh WP + Polylang and Customizr.
    I got some other issues. It looks like too difficult to know where the issue exactly starts. Now Polylang is translating but Customizr dos not accept some changes (for example change page layout) I need to check some more points It looks like some permalinks are not ok.... the blog-nl appears by the english menu for example.....
    WP has also updated itself what could I think also generate some issues, isn;t it?

    And yes I have had the site working properly. I did not remember exactly which plugin did that or not. As I had said in the first thread above it looks like it was when I have chosen no pages nor posts by the frontpage from Customizr.

    Also yes I have a backup made with Duplicator which I think and hope is from a good moment in time :slight_smile:

    How is the best way to get it running back again as desired?

    I can if you wish grant access to both of the sites....


  • mpress

    I have done some more homework and it looks like the point is that Polylang does note accept codes by de text widgets. No codes allowed there.

    I did had some twitter code by the "text area" widget by 2 areas.
    I konw now that only 1 is already too much.

    The site is now stable, just a matter to find a plugin to have twitter (no retweets) as a widget self instead of pasting twitter code....

    Thank you anyway.
    For now I am not going to restore anything.
    Just look for a simple, light plugin to put twitter as a widget self and not as code....

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