What is best way to add more themes for free users?

OK so I am using Pro Sites and I have a free account and am offering a paid pro package. With the Pro package they get 150+ themes to choose from. I want to add a few more themes for the Free account people. What is the best way to do this? Just simply Network Activate those specific themes? I tried just doing that but went back and logged in as a free user to test it and they are not offered. Still says it is a Pro Package Theme. What am I missing? Thanks

  • sremington

    OK here is what's happening. I will try to be as clear as possible. I just added another level so here is what I am using with Pro Sites Plugin. I have the Free level, Pro Basic, and then Pro Elite. I want to offer the follow amount of themes for each.

    Free - 3 themes
    Pro Basic - 16 themes
    Pro Elite - 150+ themes

    Now when I go to Premium Themes option there is no option in the drop down menu for "Anyone" like there is in the Premium Plugins settings. I have None, Pro Basic, and Pro Elite. I upgraded a test account to Pro Basic but they have access to all the themes as if they were a Pro Elite, but if I go into a Free account they only get 1 (the default) theme, and when you scroll it shows all the ones they could get if upgraded and it appears to show correctly the Pro Basic vs Pro Elite. So right now I have:

    Free - 1 them
    Pro Basic - 150+ themes
    Pro Elite - 150+ themes

    and can't seem to change that. I know, it's weird. Anyone have any ideas what's going on here? Thanks

  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi sremington,

    Sorry this is my fault. I've misled you slightly.

    With the premium themes plugin you can only specify a Pro level for themes which have not been Network Enabled. Any theme which is Network Enabled will be available as on the free plan. if it is NOT network enabled, it will appear in the premium themes section so that you can pick a level to allow access for.

    Sorry for the confusion. I was getting Premium themes and premium plugins round the wrong way.