What is best way to offer user-instructions at top of specific admin-pages?

Hello. I would like to offer "help" messages to guide users as they update their shop details, but only at the top of specific MarketPress and Theme admin pages.

I have reviewed a lot of options here and at wordrpess.org. I have applied functions in Ultimate Branding, Easy Blogging and installed an extra MP Tabs plugin too. I am hoping your experience can help narrow it down to one plugin now.

I don't want to show "support" information, as I don't want users to change the network of shops.

I could use the "help" information area, but that can go unnoticed.

I prefer to have screen messages appear at the top of a page, but not randomly!

Easy Blogging mouse-hover messages in wizard mode are very frustrating for new users.

Overall, I prefer messages appear at the top, embedded in each admin page that the user will have access to. What is the best option?