What Is Causing Opacity Issue?


CSS is gonna be the death of me apparently.

On this site, something in the theme is causing the collapsible FAQs and some other links to be faded almost to invisibility.

You will need this site viewing password to access the site: comedy


You can step through the class registration process and see the other links and button text that are almost invisible.

I thought perhaps it was related to a hovering attribute since all affected elements are hoverable, but alas....

I have tried and tried and tried to locate the related CSS, but all I have done is pull my hair out and expand my vocabulary of profane expressions.

Changing to a different theme eliminates the issue completely, so I know the culprit is hiding somewhere amidst the main theme or child theme files... but where, oh where, oh where?

Any help will be appreciated and rewarded with the personal satisfaction that you saved me from total insanity. Sigh