What is our revenue model you intend

This is a more general question about our subscription. What is the revenue model for us as wp designers by using your products? Are installing this on customer sites and selling plugins and Themes?

Some of the plugins make it seem that way.


  • Vaughan

    Hi @mike35,

    Hope you're well?

    We would prefer you not selling plugins on an individual basis. But you can sell them as part of a package when you develop a site for someone, that would be our preferred method.

    You then have 2 choices, you can maintain their sites, and do the updates using your DEV account for each of your clients. Maybe a maintenance fee every month or so for your clients. Alternatively, if you let go of those clients, ie. Once you've completed the site, you then hand control to them from that point, in order to keep their plugins updated, they would be required to register with DEV themselves, rather than you being the middle man.

    Hope this helps

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