What is overriding Redirect and logging out members

Hi, I really like the layout of Members 2 but it seems to be conflicting with another redirect as well as logging my members out when they go to another page on the menu.

Logging out:
I thought it was something I over looked when I configured it so I deactivated it and started over. This solved my problem for about 24 hours and now its back doing the same thing. This problem does not effect administrators. There are only two levels of Clarence on my site. Without these restrictions I do not have any issues. As soon as I password protect my site my members start getting kicked off when they switch pages.

I am using the Redirect add on in members 2. It defaults to the account page. I want it to direct traffic to the training calendar. I changed the url in the settings page but it still goes to the account page regardless. This was also an issue when course press pro was active as it sent you to a "virtual page" without content rather than my front page. I have deactivated course press pro for now until i have more time to configure it.

What are your thoughts?