What is required for a BuddyPress Profile page?

I’ve gotten myself into something a of a small problem and can’t find my way out. I’m posting this on several forums to seek an answer.

The Setup:

Not long ago I was using wp-fb-autoconnect as my Facebook login plugin. I then upgraded to Ultimate Facebook which handles generating a BuddyPress profile page by mapping FB user data to BP user data.

The developer of the former plugin sells it as being BP compatible, but seeing what you guys did with your plugin and what Brajesh at BuddyDev did with his, with the profile mapping, it shows that Autoconnect fails as a FB login for BP. Anyhow, the problem it creates is that it generates a WP user, but without a BP profile page. Here is a URL liking to a user that was created using the Autoconnect plugin: http://teatra.de/members/charles.cain/ note that the user name has a period in it (not a problem, thats how autoconnect does, which, fortunately makes the accounts easy to identify.) Note that the URL redirects to the homepage when you click it. Neither the admin, nor the user can access the BP profile for that user account.

I only have this problem with a couple of users, now that I’ve changed FB logins to somethings that actually works I need to modify their existing accounts (in the database) to manually create a BP login page. I could simply delete the account in the database and have it regenerated by the newer, better login plugin, but that breaks things on the front end with our forums and activity. It also sucks that the one user affected by this is a highly influential member of our niche and his presence is valued on our website. This fix needs to be unnoticed by him and totally seamless, in other words, I can’t just apologize, delete the account (and destroy the associated posts) and ask him to re-register.

The Question:

What tables/rows/information do I need to manually modify in the database to force the creation of a BP user profile page. I’m thinking that it has something to with the table wp_bp_xprofile-data but I’m not sure. The user has a display name in that field, which at least should be enough to support a BP profile page. Where does the BP user profile page come from?