What is the best practice for presenting an author's work.


I'm hoping for an opinion from you guys; I hope you'll humour me.

I have a bunch of bloggers who write short stories, poetry and novels. I'm working to get them to promote their writing by blogging. I want to make the distinction here. What they blog and what they write (short stories et al) are totally different from each other.

Consider the blog posts to include observations of the day, or reviews of products, or talking about writing courses that they've been on. (Dear diary posts if you like) I don't want their short stories. poetry of novels to be a part of this diary/blog.

How do you suggest that I go about this?

I hope I've made it clear enough; if I haven't, please ask questions.

All the best,

  • pianoman
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    I think he is trying to have the authors blog but not blog their stories, poetry, or other works.

    I assume he is trying to get the author's exposure to the author's site and works.

    I would go about this by allowing the following:

    1) Allow authors to do brief excerpts of upcoming or existing works. These excerpts should be limited to XXX number of words.

    2) Allow the authors to put in links back to a primary site at the bottom of each post. I would only allow 1 link per post.

    3) Encourage the author's to talk about their backgrounds and hobbies outside the writing arena. Again they get an additional link back to their site.

    4) Ensure that you install a plugin like "Do Follow" so that authors links do get followed. This should help author's rankings. Of course, let the authors know that you have this in place.

    5) Set up private forums and other tools that would allow authors to share ideas and possibly cowrite stories. Of course, this would need to be membership only and have tight controls.

    6) The key question is what are you going to give of value in return for the author's blogging on your site.

    Just a few ideas for you. Good luck :slight_smile:

  • sonnymanou
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    Hi Guys,

    What I'm looking for could be explained as similar to a photo-gallery idea. Except in this case instead of each photo being a photo, it is NOT a photo, it is either a short story, or a poem. These guys each have a "gallery" of short stories/poems on their sites, but I want them to have blogs on their sites that are separate from their gallery of writing.

    To summarise: I'm looking for each subdomain.domain.com to have a blog and a separate area for showcasing stories/poetry.

    The idea of the blog, is so that they raise their internet profiles and their readership can get to know them as people.

    Thanks for your replies, gentlemen. I appreciate it.


  • aristath
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    You could use BuddyPress...
    This way, authors can write their stories as posts and they can use their activity for small blog posts, updates etc. This will also give your site a more "social" feeling, giving readers the ability to truly connect with authors.


  • sonnymanou
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    Thanks for your answer.

    I'll be using buddypress anyway.

    What I'm looking to do, is to keep their blog stream free of short stories and poetry. I want them to be able to use the blog as a diary to promote themselves and therefore their short stories/poetry.

    These guys are to make a noise with their blogs and when the internet's attention falls on them, their visitors can check out what else they do.

    "Oh look, this guy also writes short stories - yippee, let's take a look."

    I know, I know. You are wondering why would they do that. The visitor might simply not check out the short stories/poetry, but these authors are still going to want to have it on their sites.

    Presently, these guys all have rather erm (dull?) blogs. I'm teaching them how to do it in such a manner as to start to be an authority in their niche fields. They can't do that by mixing blog posts and short stories/ poetry within the same blog stream.

    So, what do you suggest? Do they showcase their stories via static pages and their earth-shaking utterings of the day as their blog posts?

    If they each have thousands of pigging short stories, how do you keep them in any order using pages if you can't categorise them?

  • sonnymanou
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    No, I need a clear distinction. All blog posts are to reflect the author's personality. His or her opinions, anything and everything that promotes them as people Their work has to stand alone and separate from this.

    Let me ask you. If there were lots of static pages, is there an easy way to reference them?

    I see parent pages and child pages. What relationship do these two kinds of pages have to each other? Is there a link from one to the other? What about some kind of client site map? Would you be able to categorise the child pages under the headings of the parent pages?

    Or is there a way to keep certain specified categories of blog posts out of the "blog". What do you call it? Do you call and individuals sub-site's blog a "blog stream" or "activity stream"?


  • sonnymanou
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    Hi Ari,

    Don't worry about your absence.

    I am still looking for a "best practice" for this. Presently, I'm testing out an idea here using shortcodes from a plugin called "page-list". Scroll down to see the list of "short stories", with a featured image and an excerpt from the story.

    But is this the best way? I'm looking for an elegant solution which plebs can easily get their heads around.


  • sonnymanou
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    Hi Ari,

    Well, up until when you mentioned CustomPress, I was going to use "parent" and "child" pages. On the parent pages a shortcode would revealed the child pages in a list with the featured image and an excerp from each child.

    But ...

    Now I want to experiment with CustomPress to see what it brings to the table before I go any further with it. I've not had time up until now. (Dammit!)

    As soon as I can, I will be all over this like a rash. I will let you know how I will proceed as soon as I know myself.


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