What is the best way to annotate courseware?

I am creating a subscription site.

As a feature of the site I would like subscribers to be able to write notes about any portion of the content (in the context of the content - not as a post comment at the end) and then see those notes again when they visit the page again.

Ideally this would be on a per-subscriber basis (however the concept of having both public AND/OR private notes might be good too).

The main goal is to replicate the way a user might underline or write themselves notes in the margins of a course book if the content were non-digital.

Ideas or suggestions?

  • Ash

    Hello @LANSRAD

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    I am not aware of any plugin that does this job. Maybe this is possible with some custom code. Let me know something more about it.

    You want a form every post (or page too?) (as you said coursebook, so it's maybe custom post type?) where subscribers can make a note. When the will create a note they will be able to mark it public or private. If public, then all subscribers (or visitors too?) can see the notes. If private, then only the note writer will be able to see the notes.

    Did I get it right? Please feel free to suggest.



    Hi Ash,

    In re-thinking after my request was posted, I don't think that I want a public option for the notes. That becomes a lot like comment posts and I think it opens the course content (posts/pages) up to a lot of clutter and distraction.

    However after posting this the sidebar at this website (of related topics) posted this link titled "Registered user's own private notes" that goes here:


    I have just watched the video for it as well as looked at this page:


    and it appears that it will at least do part of what I was looking for.

    A user CAN create their own notes as well as have a checkbox to show that they have completed this course section.

    Then they can see the notes or checkbox in the context of the course item (post or page) and change it.

    They can also see a WordPress dashboard menu item called "Notes" right below the "Profile" one where they can review the notes, jump right to links for the course items, etc.

    I have not tried it yet, but it looks pretty promising.

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