What is the best way to create and manage clients and employees

Can you tell me what would be the best way to create client access and client pages that have their client information and assign employees to manage them?

  • Kingdom Studios
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    Hey Anne!

    You will probably have to be a little more specific. There seems to be so much flexiblity and not one size fits all. What is your structure? Do you mean Clients as in website owners and employess as administrators? How much variability is there in how different clients are using their sites? Who are end users and how are they using the sites?



  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @anne

    What @martin said. :slight_smile:

    Kidding aside, we would need more specific information to be able to guide you in your project.

    There are many ways to create user-specific content pages. Some will actually create distinct pages for each user, others enable you to display dynamically changing content depending on various conditions like username, user role/capabilities, logged-in status, etc.

    Which method(s) you use to go about creating your user-specific content, and determine who has access to it, would depend on the missing details, as well as your coding skills.

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