What is the best way to set up this network?

I would like feedback on how best to set up my desired network design. I can't embed photos in this forum, but I have loaded this image I'd like you to see, on my server. So please click this link to see what I've drawn up so we can all be on the same page.
Network Design Photo 1

I have tried a variety of ways of achieving this and so far I have been unsuccessful. I would like some specific instructions on how I can set this up:

This is a sports network that will allow coaches, teachers, and administrators to register for a site for their school. These websites will each need a frontend admin area where users can post content including images, videos, and text. Users should be able to set up pages, categories, and tags. I will also need a plugin that allows them to "tag" each other (other schools). So if School A posts a video of their school playing football against School B, School A should be able to "tag" School B so that the video School A posted shows on School B's site as well. School B should be able to delete the post from their site if they don't want everyone see them lose to School A, or for whatever reason...

The Global Main Site (dsnamerica.com) will have aggregated content from each of the school sites. All posts from the entire global network will show here. I would also like to be able to set restrictions on what is not shown on the global site (if possible). I know Sitewide Tags plugin will work for multisites, but will it work for this?

I need to have a network for each state, then within that network are sites for each school. And like I said, these school sites will each have their own admins that control adding posts and pages.
Each State network should also have aggregated content from its child school sites.

I want to see links like this:
dsnamerica.com/minnesota/highschoolname --- to go to the school's site
dsnamerica.com/minnesota/highschoolname/schedule/ --- to go to the "schedule" page that the admin for /minnesota set up.

I am aware this set up might require a hack. I'd like to avoid hacking any core files though. But if that is your suggestion, please tell me so anyway. Whatever I have to do, I have to do...

Thank you all for your support