What Is The Best Way To Setup A Company Information Library Online?

I am working on a website where the company would like to have some of their files accessible under password protection to their employees. At this point, they just want everybody to be able to access the same files, things like employee handbooks and so on. However, I would like to make sure that each member has their own space somehow as well, just to be prepared down the road if they want to expand on it's capabilities.

I know that the member plugin will allow me to create locked down content, but I believe it is made for wpmu installs and I am currently working from a standard installation of wordpress. Will this plugin work for what I am needing or could you possibly suggest one that would.

I would also like to find out if there is a way to redirect users to a specific page when they login, instead of the admin section of wp.

Thanks for all your help in advance,


  • Patrick

    Hi @nixwebo

    The easiest way to restrict access to content is to simply use the built-in password-protect feature on pages, and include all your info on those pages.

    Our Membership plugin works just fine on single and multisite installs of WordPress.

    You can create any number of access levels and include in each pretty much any content you want to make available to your members.

    Note however, that if you want to give different access to each member, that can get quite unwieldy quite fast if you have a lot of members.

    It might be easier to set up each member with their own password-protected page using their login password. I don't know of a plugin that can do that for you automatically (doesn't mean it boesn't exist) but there is surely a way to do it programatically. :slight_smile:

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