What is the best way to Uninstall SmartCrawl to Install Yoast?

After careful review of both Plugins I feel Yoast may be a better solution for us. Mostly because of all the self help literature. SEO in WordPress is as much about understanding the tool as about the tool itself. There is just too much going on to "click and pray" Yoast also has;
* Social Media links with Facebook, Instagram, etc
* A listing of all all SEO links on one page to do mass edits vs. going into each unique page individually
* A very cool "traffic light" that helps understand the relevance of what you are using in each SEO instance
* Upgrades for local SEO and WoCommerce which is relevant to us (WordPress was not originally designed as an eCommerce site so this needs to be handled accordingly and correctly)

If I just installed the plugin in the last 48 hours and now want to switch to Yoast based on the above learnings, what should I do? Being that nothing has been picked up yet when I checked with Google. Here was my plan please confirm;
1. Deactivate the SmartCrawl plugin and install Yoast
2. Activate and setup Yoast
3. Once all working remove the smart Crawl plugin and all files.

Will that work? We will still be keeping our WPMU subscription for all the other goodies you offer which we are very happy with.