What is the best WP host given these circumstances?

I’m looking to build a multi-site that will use the AutoBlog and MultiDB plugins (among others, but the idea is reliant on those two playing nicely together).

As with all projects, it will start small but hopefully grow; I would need clear and easy upgrade paths beyond the basic plan that I would use to get things started.

All of my other sites are small with low traffic and I have been fine with GoDaddy but I feel this project needs something more robust, quick and scaleable.

  • Mark de Scande
    • Syntax Hero

    THERE IS ONLY ONE HOST and he is my buddy friend and is always avalibile @aecnu

    I am a optimization expert well i can say this as i am super good at making stuff fast on a small budget go have a look at my oDesk Profile i am Mark de Scande the owner and founder of http://www.bloglines.co.za yes it runs multi domains / multi site / multi db (4096db + 2 ) well ever thing is multi on bloglines with it 100K + users and sites and guess were is host and why.

    Some back ground i use to be with SoftLayer with a dedicated server at $600 p/m and i will killing myself to keep the server running full time, what a waist of time and a big waist of money.

    I moved servers to my new home any guess what i am now running BlogLines.co.za for only $150 and it stays on all the time ever time THANK YOU Joe.

    So over all What is the best WP host given these circumstances? there is only one host i can recommend wpmu-hosting.org

    Thank you Kindly

    Mark de Scande

    WordPress Speed Optimization Wiz. I don’t just Optimize, I Re-Energize

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