What Is The Biggest Difference Between Protected Content and Membership Plugins


What is the main differences between the Membership plugin and Protect Content plugin?

I am seeking to determine which one best suits an application scenario, but that is kind hard to do without activating each one and then tinkering with all the features each has to offer just so I can then decide which one NOT to use and thus have wasted all that time on a learning curve for a plugin just so I can NOT use it.

Is there a features comparison chart that reveals this info?

If not, a comparison chart would be a very helpful time saver for those who are seeking to match a plugin to their application needs.

Hint, hint, hint. :slight_smile:

In fact WMPUDEV has several overlapping plugins that would be much more understandable during the selection process if their features were presented in a features comparison chart. That would help users know if they only need one or if they need several plugins active.

For example Ultimate Branding replaces several individual plugins which are subsets of it, but at least one individual plugin replaced by it has features that are not included in UB. A features comparison chart would be great to sort all this out for us and save us tons of time.

And I submit that saving members TIME is the most valuable benefit WPMUDEV can offer.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey SooBahkDo,

    That's an awesome idea :slight_smile: would be nice to be able to link members to it when these questions come up too :p I will discuss this with our docs guys.

    What features are you looking for in a membership plugin?

    They are quite similar, a few notable differences is that Protected Content has stripe payment gateway built in, dripped content + trials are re-coded compared to Membership and setup in a much more user friendly fashion, multiple memberships per user, mailchimp integration(aweber coming soon).

    Membership has rules to setup content that is viewable by visitors only.

    Those are some differences that I have seen being important to users, if you can let me know which features would be important to you then I can help out further with this :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps! Look forward to hearing back.

    All the best,

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