What is the code for the plugin to be used when creating custom roles for users?

I have created a site with newsletter+ on it (www.newforest-sportsmassage.co.uk). How it will work is that customers can book an appointment for 30 or 60 minutes, they then pay for that on paypal straight away. The owner can then add appointments as well and view appointments and everything else.

However the difficult bit is that i would also like the venue from which the owner operates to be able to add appointments but not be able to change anything else on the website. So the owner and the venue will need to have access to the plugin but not be admins.

I can see that you can add permissions to users for newsletter and gravity forms using functions.php however i cannot find the code to do this for appointments+.

tl;dr what is the code to call the plugin when changing user permissions.

Thanks, and sorry for rambling :slight_smile: