What is the default affiliate cookie setting and who gets commission?

The documentation for the plugin states:
Affiliate Cookie Days
To set the amount of days that you want affiliate tracking to take place, you can do so by adding the following code to your wp-config.php file within your root WordPress install.
Place the code before the absolute path line.

In a new install if we do NOT modify the wp-config,php file, what is the default number of days stored in the cookie when a user clicks on an affiliate link?

What is the name of the cookie file created so we can check it?

What happens in this scenario:
1) a user clicks on Affiliate #1's link and the cookie gets set as 45 days
2) user does not subscribe
3) 2 days later user clicks on on a different Affiliate #2's link and subscribes
4) Who gets the commission, affiliate #1 or affiliate #2 ?