What is the difference between a blog post and a page?

Am I correct that in general, a page is static. It's information that I want to have always visible and readily accessible. I can list a page in a dropdown menu.

A blog is more dynamic. A post is not added to a dropdown menu and therefore may not be visible on the site if many posts were added afterwards.

For the vast majority of my site, which is largely research articles I have written, I want them always available in dropdown menus. These should then be pages, correct?

My ramblings and personal insights, which are really not important and only mildly entertaining are more suited to a blog, correct?

If this is the case, what is a category in a blog and what purpose does it serve? I've tried adding a few blog posts and giving them categories, but I don't see where assigning a category has done anything. It certainly doesn't seem to sort the blogs by topic.

  • Theodor Dimitriou

    Hello Judith,
    First think first, "Post's" can also be used in Menu positions "main menu or sidebar menus" like "Pages".
    Your logic is fine and correct. The purpose of the "Post categories" is to sum up all post's made under the specified category and display them all together.
    For example you can add in your "Menu" selected "Post Categories" so the visitor will get a list with all related research articles per category. *Note that only Categories that contain post's are getting displayed in menu positions.
    You can have a Menu logic with few "Pages" for usage as: Contact us, About us, Our Methods, etc..
    And you can also have "Categories" and each article you published will be available to end users per category nicely sorted out.
    Also you can have another "Blog-category" in your menu, and only the ""ramblings and personal insights"" that are tagged with that category to be visible.
    I hope this helps you clarify a little better.

  • Michelle Shull

    Judith! Hello! Happy Friday!

    You're on the right track here. Pages will be best for your articles, and posts will be best for your blog ramblings. You can add individual posts to your menus, too, with the menu link tab, but I think pages are best for your articles here.

    Blog categories are a way of sorting your content - if you click on any of the category links on your posts on the front-end of your site, you'll see a list of all blog posts in this category in an archive page.

    Categories are also super handy for search. WordPress's native search tool isn't the strongest, using good categories on your blog posts can make it a lot easier for future readers to find all your good stuff.

    Take care!